Monday, October 20, 2008

My 49th birthday party

This party was awesome.  Thank you Sandee for hosting it.  Thank you Tammy for all the great photos.  Thank you all for being there and making this one of the best birthdays ever!
My Mom bought me a new Habitat for Humanity hard hat!
The Bennions made me a prayer scarf.

The Dewers gave me an Eiffel Tower ornament for our Christmas tree because they knew how much we loved Paris!

And of course the Ayalas gave me a bottle of wine.  The flower says "The Joy of the Lord is your Strength." and a ceramic heart that says "Believe."  And a bookmark that says "Lord remind me that nothing is going to happen to me today that YOU and I together can't HANDLE."
Lyndsay made me a card that said "So what you have cancer?  We still love you.  Happy Birthday Millie. 
You're still a rock star
You've got your rock moves
You can beat anything as long as you have faith!
So swhat!
You've got cancer!
You've got everyone and ME!
Just believe!
You is who your supposed to be!
This is your verse from the bible I dedicate to you...
Don't be afraid,
Just believe.
Love, Lindsey

The pajamas and slippers my mom gave me pack in a Green Tea Perfume box.

Beautiful North Carolina sweatshirt from my wonderful Aunt Josie and a really nice wallet.
And in this bag was the Green Tea perfum mom took out of the box to put my pjs in!
The Nordlings gave me Tigger socks and Snoopy socks!  Woohoo!  more fun socks.  I love it.
The Shipps who hosted this awesome party.  It was great.  Everyone had a good time. 
Of course My incredible Markie.  He gave me my new laptop for my Birthday!!!!  YEAHHHHHH!!!  The black kitty can wait till Christmas.....
Birthday cake!  MMMMMMMMMM
My family.  I love them so much!

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